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Sprinkler Head Protection

You have this crazy teenage driver that keeps running over the irrigation heads and breaking them.  It not only breaks the sprinkler head but it also breaks the sprinkler pipes below the head.

You just happen to notice the leaking sprinkler head on Tuesday morning on your way to work.  You think “I’ll take care of it this evening”.  Before you know it the weekend is here and you have lost $100 worth of water and the sprinklers are still not working.  Saturday morning you make 4 trips to your local hardware store just to get the correct irrigation parts to repair the sprinkler head problem.

Sprinkler protection donutHow can you prevent broken sprinkler heads from happening again?  The best solution to broken sprinkler heads is to place a concrete donut around them.  Now all donuts are not created equal.  The donut that you will be installing is sort of like a pyramid with a flat top.  This allows the weight of the vehicle or mower to be displaced over a larger area beneath the concrete donut sprinkler head protector.

There are other types of sprinkler head protection on the market.  They have 2 or 3 that are made out of thin plastic.  We see them installed from time to time but it is usually not intact.  The plastic ones get damaged from weed eaters, mowers and vehicles.  This kind of defeats the purpose of using a plastic sprinkler head protector to protect a plastic sprinkler head!

CONE-OF-SHAMEAnother type of sprinkler head protector is made out of rubber.  It sort of looks like the cone that is used on a dogs head when neutered.  We refer to this one as “The Cone of Shame”!  How in the world will the sprinkler head be protected from vehicle and mower traffic with a rubber or plastic sprinkler mat?

Really the only proven way to prevent sprinkler head damage is by using the tried and true concrete donut.  It has been used for 50 plus years and has stood the test day in and day out.


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