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Does the donut have a Warranty?
Yes, 10 Years!

How long do concrete donut sprinkler head protectors last?
We have properties that have the same concrete donuts protecting the same heads for 25 plus years.

Will the concrete donut protect our sprinkler heads from my neighbor running over the head and causing damage?
Yes it will.

Can the donut be installed without removing the sprinkler head?
Yes. This concrete donut is a real sprinkler saver that is easy to install and will only take 3 minutes!

What kind of sprinkler heads will they work with?
The concrete donuts should only be used for the sprinkler heads that are of the pop up spray or rotary type.

Will the concrete donut protect the sprinkler from damage caused by a mower?
Yes it will protect the sprinkler head from small mowers and large mowers.

Is the green color a dye throughout or painted?
It is dyed throughout. This created a real sprinkler buddy for your lawn and sprinklers!

Will the concrete donut displace the weight of a vehicle?
Yes it will.

Will the concrete donut prevent the sprinkler head from damage caused by edgers and weed eaters
Yes it will protect it from the electric type and the gas type alike.

Will the concrete donut freeze?
No. Your concrete sprinkler head protector is impregnated with a water resister that is in the mix and never wears out.


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